05 July 2008

Bel Pasto Italian Restaurant

27th June 2008
Had our dinner at Bel Pasto together with YX & Karmen. This food trip was located at Aman Puri somewhere near Kepong area. Well, it is directly opposite of Aman Puri's Mc Donald, quite easy to find, no worries at all. This shop is owned by two English man, they are the main cook too. Food served was quite good, friendly service with a smile given (make each penny of the 10% service tax worth), and a pretty romantic ambiance with Italian classical songs being played.

Penne Arabbiata. This is the cheapest pasta among all. As I can remember, it costs less than rm10. Consists of penne, tomato sauce, olive and vegetables. Not bad after all.

Chicken Lasagna. The top layer looks cheesy and tempting ey. =)

Italian Risotto Rice. Also known as chessy fried rice in Italian style.

Pizza Quatro. Four different toppings of ham, beef, pineapple and pepperoni.

The complimentary dessert, Tiramisu. I would say this dessert is perfect and very satisfying. Remain scrumptious eventhough we were all bloated up. ;p

Overall, this Italian dinner wasn't bad and it was an enjoyable one. So, why not give a try there when you have no suggestion on where to eat? Cheers! =D


La don said...

Well written article.

Vivien said...

the food looks nice

Anonymous said...

The two cooks are not English, they are Italian coz I know them well~ :)